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We are an e-shop from Europe selling eco fashion accessories made of natural, recyclable materials. We are happy to realize there are other brands and people standing for sustainable accessories, jewelry, fashion concerned about our planet and hope you are one of them. We dream to represent the variety of amazing well designed products made with concern to nature on our website and our e-shop. Our aim is to make sustainable lifestyle a good habbit. We want our customers to learn natural, ecofriendly and sustainable materials options for usual things they use every day.
We gladly cooperate and collaborate with press, stylists, photographers and bloggers. Just write us your idea and we’ll come up with something fun and mutually beneficial.
We are more than open to cooperation with brands of natural, eco-friendly, sustainable goods. We see several possibilities for our cooperation:
  1. Reselling and drop shipping ( you will have to fit certain criteria for this)
  2. As far as we not only promote certain brands from our shop, but also sustainable eco conscious lifestyle, we will be glad to mention your brand in our blog, Facebook feed, newsletter. In return we appreciate mentioning that you were featured at with live link to our page.
  3. Mutual activities in social networks (contests, giveaways, co-advertising,  workshops, collaboration in fotoshoots etc.
  4. Alternatively we may agree on some referral program where you give some discount to visitors who placed order due to our reference.
  5. Guest posts both in our blog or/and in your blog.
  6. We can provide some of our accessories for photoshoots for photographers, designers, stylists.
Contact us now and tell us your ideas!