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How wooden sunglasses are made

How wooden sunglasses are made
September 26, 2015 Qiggs blogger

Don’t you love to see how usually plastic things are produced in wood? We’ll show you some general steps that a piece of wood makes until it becomes a pair of wooden sunglasses.

Wooden sunglasses are usually either fully hand crafted or machine cut and hand-finished.

wooden frames manufacturing

There are a few masters in the world who keep the production cycle completely hand made, they create their pieces on order and they are quite costly.

Sometimes people try to create wooden sunglasses at home just once or twice more for personal use or as woodwork hobby fun.

More often, however, wooden sunglasses manufacturers choose technologies to optimize the process and time consumption.

shapes for laser cutting wooden eyewear framesFirst and foremost any wooden sunglasses are to be designed. Sunnies frame shape, sizes, all small openings and details compatibility are designed and projected at this stage. CAD programs are commonly used  for bulk manufacturing when machine cutting is the next step.

design wooden sunglasses

However even a paper draft may serve you well if you plan to make a pair of wooden sunglasses for yourself.ho wo mak wooden sunglasses design

After you’re satisfied with wooden sunglasses design it’s time to make them live. Cut out the frame shape you have prepared.wooden sunglasses production process 1

Wooden frames for sunnies can be hand cut although it takes a while, either cut out by a scrollsaw, or laser cut. Wooden temples are cut out in the same way.

how wooden sunglasses are made8

how wooden sunglasses are made7

Some wooden frames are shaped under pressure to get that natural bend to better fit the face. However some wooden sunglasses models are directly created just plain.

how wooden sunglasses are made6

wooden frames manufacturing4

Sanding wooden eyewear frames and polishing them comes next.

wooden sunglasses production process 5
wooden sunglasses production process 2
wooden sunglasses production process 3
wooden sunglasses production process4
Finish cover is usually applied to wood, that is usually color or transparent finish, natural oils.
how wooden sunglasses are made4
polishing with dark finish of wooden sunglasses
how wooden sunglasses are made1

Preparing wooden eyewear frames for inserting lenses. A small rim is usually made to place the lenses correctly. 

how wooden sunglasses are made2
how wooden sunglasses are made5

The lenses are inserted and wooden sunglasses are almost ready to go.

how wooden sunglasses are made3


However here’s another example by the Hungarian manufacturer Rozi, who places lenses on top of wooden laminated frames not actually inserting them.
rozi lenses insert sunglasses

Metal spring hinges are glued into the temple. Temples are assembled with frames.

how spring hinges are placed into wooden eyewear temples

How hinges are put into wooden eyewear frames

Some very special wooden eyewear is made all wooden, so is the connection of temple and wooden frame. Rolf wooden sunglasses are an exquisite example of wooden hinges, that look both neat and reliable.

rolf wooden hinges

Herrlicht wooden temples as well as eyewear – masterpiece as is.

herrlicht wooden hinges

The above description is very general and may not include certain steps. But we hope it gives you better understanding on how wooden sunglasses are made. Wooden eyewear manufacturing process is a true symbiosis of design, nature, craft and technologies.wooden frames manufacturing3

All manufacturers have their preferred ways of producing wooden sunglasses, instruments and machines applied, hinges and lenses used, balance between hand and machine work, finishing polish, metal elements or all wood, species of wood, type of wood – solid, plywood or wooden veneers. And it makes us happy! So many talented manufacturers, so many designs and shapes, so many colors, so many for us to tell you.wooden frames manufacturing1

If you want to see how a wooden eyeglass frame is made by hand, you might want to check out these videos below:

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      Dear Chelsea, you can order online from our shop and we can ship them to the UK!

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