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Quick and cute Easter rabbit paper package for presents and treats

Quick and cute Easter rabbit paper package for presents and treats
March 26, 2016 Qiggs blogger

We adore this cute and eco package for Easter presents by  Joanka-Z so we could do nothing but share this tutorial with you. You can pack your Christmas, Birthday or wedding presents the same way. Simple but outstanding!

bunnies kraft eco friendly paper package
You’ll need some wrapping paper and a sewing machine to make this cute bunny paper package. In this DIY tutorial brown craft paper was, but feel free to use any other paper you like.

Step 1

Print out the template or draw your own. Click and download the one we have below:

easter bunny rabbit template

You can change the size of the bunny depending on what you want to put inside the bag. The one we have here is 38 x 38 cm in size, perfect for  small candies.

Step 2

Cut out two bunnies for each bag.

kraft paper eco friendly package DIY bunny pattern

Step 3

Put two paper bunnies on top of each other. Sew near the edge, leaving a small opening to fill with sweets.

sewing of eco friendly package DIY paper package with sewing machine

Step 4

Draw the eyes and nose of the bunnies with a black marker or pen.

drawing of rabbits face with a pen or marker

Step 5

Fill up each bunny with candies and stitch the opening.

Source: DaWanda

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