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Quick Halloween party costume ideas: Minion’s goggles easy tips with templates and tutorials

Quick Halloween party costume ideas: Minion’s goggles easy tips with templates and tutorials
October 30, 2015 Qiggs blogger

I bet you’ve heard about minions, those cute creatures from the Despicable me cartoons. Check out some tips for Halloween minions costume and eyewear that you can easily make by recycling simple things for yourself, your kid’s party, the whole family and friends. The more minions the better!

Get inspired by these Halloween party handmade Despicable Me minions glasses, experiment, improve.  Click the headlines for detailed tutorials.

1.Recycle paper tube to make easy minions glasses


Recycle some toilet paper tube to make this simple minions goggles. Cut off one or two section of paper tube, depending on how many eyes your minion will have.
Then paint your tubes with your silver paint and let it dry completely. Once your paper tubes are dry, staple them together in the center of the tubes, side by side.
Finally attach the elastic by stapling to both sides of the tube or tubes.
You can also recycle scotch tape paper tube or any other bigger radius paper tube for this purpose. Just cut out two cylinders, paint them in grey or silver, fold it with duct tape or metal folio.
Check the video for the whole process.

 2. Recycle can lids for minion glasses

dispecable me minions handmade goggle glassesSpray a piece of gray felt with adhesive and attach 2 canning rings side by side. When the adhesive dries, cut out the rings, leaving a tab on each side. Cut a piece of black elastic and attach to each tab, making the strap for the goggles.

 3. Recycle two coffee cup lids

Fold coffee cup lids with metal folio, glue toy eyes or printed out eye balls, glue together, put a stripe to hold them on your head and you’re done!

4. Recycle coffee cups to make minion eyeglasses10_minion_cups

10_minion_metal 10_minion_headband
 You can either draw black dots for eyes with a black marker, or can print out the printable minion glasses templates below for more realistic minion eyes.
print and cut minions glasses temolate one eye
print and cut minions glasses template
print out and cut minions eyes with goggles
 And remember, some minions have two eyes, others have only one eye. The choice is yours!

5. Glue the minions glasses paper template to 3d glasses or to any other glasses, sunglasses, eyewear

This will work well for kids usually wearing glasses.

3D-Glasses-turned-Minion-Goggles 2208aa6232c10c6f36a98d9c318fc260

Download a free printable template

Don’t forget to leave holes for you to see through.

6. Just print out and glue

In case you really really run out of time just print out the minion goggles template, glue it to the cardboard for thickness and attach them to some black strap or headband to keep the goggles on your head. You’re done!



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  1. Fredrick 2 years ago

    Ok it’s easy, thank you for tips!

  2. Natalie 2 years ago

    Hello my name is Natalie, thank you for your DIY tips, could you pls post more about sustainable DIY materials and tutorials.

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