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Really Qoowl 100% wooden sunglasses made of one piece of wood

Really Qoowl 100% wooden sunglasses made of one piece of wood
October 20, 2015 Qiggs blogger

Have you ever thought of eyewear made of 100% wood? Yes, that means 100% recyclable too. Shade-Wooden-Sunglasses-Qoowl-6-600x900Qoowl wooden designer sunglasses are one of these. Look at the design. These wooden sunglasses are fully functional, made from one sheet of plywood. They are extremely lightweight – only 14 grams (3/4 pound), probably the most lightweight of all wooden sunglasses ever.



They don’t really have hinges in our ordinary understanding, but the solution Qoowl designers offer is elegant and innovative. The birch plywood piece is laser cut and banded in a certain way to stay on one’s face.


Obviously these sunglasses can’t provide relevant UV protection to one’s eyes because there are no lenses with filters there. You can wear them over regular sunglasses though with UV filter to protect your eyes from sun. But even if so these completely wooden sunglasses bring a lot of designers’ fantasy.



We hope this example of 100% wooden eyewear may inspire with new ideas wooden eyewear manufacturers. We are waiting to have this design object developed to a complete practical pair of eyewear with optical or sun lenses. Either ways that’s fun piece of natural wooden eyewear that will definitely not let you stay unnoticed.